Senior Engineer

September 13, 2018
Senior Executive – HR
August 13, 2018
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Department :- Project-Execution

Qualification :- B.E. Civil
Main Responsibilities

1) Monitor :
 To execute all ongoing activities with help of subordinates as per SOP.
 To monitor junior staff & contractors manpower to achieve scheduled dates.
 To find out bottlenecks prior to executing upcoming activities and discuss the same with seniors& concerns.
2) Training & Development :
 To train & explain proper specified working methodology to the contractors &staff.
3) Planning:
 To prepare schedule of activities and planto complete as per the final dates.
 To review the resources on timely basis – manpower, material & machinery.
4) Billing:
 To check contractors bill on weekly basis or as per work progress.
 To do the Verdan entry on weekly basis in ERP
5) Quality control:
 To communicate start up project activities & specified methodology to contractor & subordinates.
 To study contractors work order, company Quality Management Progress &Drawing carefully to avoid non compliances.
 To prepare compliance report of QA/QC department and to complete activities in 7days.
6) Documentation:
 To maintain daily work progress report & manpower report.
 To maintain all drawing folder, records in proper manner e.g. transmittal, work order consultant visit certificates& reconciliation records etc. neatly.
 To keep record of billing &work done files in secured manner.
7) Safety:
 To keep building & building premises clean & neat manner.
 To do daily ongoing activities housekeeping work.
 To barricade & close all ducts with safety material to avoid falling hazards.
 To ensure all labors& staff & visitors are following safety norms & using PPE.
 To ensure building having hard hat area like proper entrance.
 To maintain first-aid box &attend safety meeting.
8) Reconciliation:
 To avoid wastage of material like cement, sand, tile, steel excess than the specified limit.
 To maintain proper record of the issued material & do proper reconciliation.
 To support audit person at the time of monthly stock checking & reconciliation.