Recruitment Staffing

The recruiters at BHS Staffing are specialists who focus on placing candidates in seven primary business niches. And we consistently build relationships with client companies who have ongoing staffing needs. In today’s market where qualified, professional employees are hard to find, recruiting skills are the key. Let our specialised recruiters provide you with qualified professionals for both contract staffing and full-time placement services in seven primary business niches.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing helps you find out:

  • Patience level of employees?
  • Competence level of employees?
  • What motivates an employee?
  • Does a person have the required abilities?
  • Can the prospective candidate be effective decision maker or persuader?
  • What are the threats that an employee is likely to encounter?

Since the scale is on world level and there is high accuracy and validity, companies are enjoying the benefits of this. In short, this is a tool to put human mind on paper.

It can be very difficult to separate the careers that suit your personality and abilities from the careers that would frustrate you or make you unhappy. Psychometric tests are very useful for this sort of self-assessment – they are quick to complete and give you good information on which you can base your Decision Making.

Corporate Training

  • We help companies in identifying their training needs.
  • Training is imparted at all levels in the hierarchy based on the requirement.
  • Perception
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Roles and responsibilities